Thursday, February 23, 2023

The Price of Beauty

A sweet goodbye to the grandkids, farewell lunch with our daughter and off to the airport 

amidst the swirling white flakes. Effortless glide through security, pleasant wait at the gate, boarded the plane at 2:45. 


Eight hours later, we took off. Two trips to the runway and back to the gate. Dinner of two little bags of pretzels. Roads closed in Portland, so if the third time was not to be the charm, but “batter out!”, we had a night ahead of sleeping at the airport with no guarantee that it would be better to fly out tomorrow. So after my ode to winter’s wonder, my only thought was:


“Damned snow!!!”


PS: We did take off at 10:45 amidst cheers from the passengers, arrived in snowless San Francisco at midnight and gratefully returned to our house unheated for five days, everything cold to the touch. But so grateful to be home! 

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