Sunday, February 5, 2023



… marked a new record of steps walked. 414, to be exact, .017 miles. My lowest to date.


It rained all day long and I never left the house. 


I did answer every e-mail until I got to 0.


I watched the pianist Yuja Wang on Youtube and listened to Fred Hersch with Esperanza Spalding and then spent a couple of hours at the piano with a new feeling in my fingers. 


I cooked a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and watched Stephen Colbert with my wife, his monologue with way too much information about Groundhog’s Day. 


I almost went to a corner store to get noodles, but my wife Karen volunteered to go instead.


I cooked the noodles. With eggplant, red pepper, scallions and tofu.


We watched 2 ½ episodes of Shetland, Season 7 (a surprise find!). Popcorn was made.


This morning it’s still raining and I’ve walked 19 steps.


I really have to get out.


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