Friday, October 27, 2023

The Value of Words

Another piece from the archives of The Unpublished Poet, written in 2010.




My I-Tunes folder has stored 29 Gigabytes of information.

My I-Photo has filled 22. 

The entire 300 page book I just wrote fills a mere 3.6 Megabytes. 


Words are cheap. 


According to my computer, the ancient intuition—“One picture is worth a thousand words” — was off the mark.


It takes about 10,000 words to equal one photo, somewhere around 936 Kilobytes.


A three-minute song carries more of a message than a ten-page essay.


If education means getting and storing the most information,

according to my computer,  Art and Music 

should be at the center of the curriculum.


PS The soundtrack to this poem and the DVD will soon be available.

PSS This poem contains a mere 24 Kilobytes of information.


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