Monday, October 23, 2023


After our meeting at Martha’s (see last post), I suggested we walk down and knock on John’s door. It had been at least eight or nine years since we last saw him and remembering he had health issues, then we were nervous. But lo and behold, he answered his door! We chatted with him and his partner and yes, he’s 78 and still struggling with some health issues— but nevertheless, here! That alone is a victory. 


We had a quick summary of nostalgic moments of over 25 years working with him on these projects and I asked him if he still had certain photos hanging in his basement studio. (The answer was, “Mostly.”) I then remembered a poem I wrote about them, came home, found it and will include it below— and send it to him as well. 


Friends, don’t be shy. Knock on the doors of those you haven’t seen in a while. It makes a difference. 


IMMORTALITY  (With a nod to Billy Collins)

I am back in Duncan Street Studio

Where I have come once a year since 1987.

If I tell you that today’s date is May 26, 2010,

I’m sure you can do the math. 


A large computer sits where the reel-to-reel equipment once was,

but the postcards and album covers on the wall are the same. 


John the engineer is now 65 years old

And I am no spring chicken myself. 

But John Lennon, standing with his arms crossed, sunglasses on

and a New York City T-shirt that doesn’t need washing, hasn’t aged a bit. 


Neither has Smokey Robinson and his Miracles, looking out in the distance with  rosy smiles, confident in their beckoning future. 


Picasso is his familiar old self, with bread-dough fingers splayed across the table.


And speaking of fingers, Sammy Davis Jr. is stretching his out to the audience in 

ten different ways and shows no signs of getting tired.


I’m pleased to see that the woman revealing her ample breasts on the cover of Stag Party Special is still as voluptuous as ever.


It all makes me think that I should put my photo on the CD cover in hopes that someone

will put it on the wall of some basement recording studio,

Where some future music teacher will come back year after year and 

Notice how he is aging


And I am not. 

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