Saturday, April 23, 2016

Banquet on Steroids

Imagine a banquet with all of your favorite dishes and drinks, all you can eat and more in the kitchen, all your favorite music on a playlist and in company with all of your favorite people in the world. Paradise, yes? Or not.
The week ahead is the banquet above on steroids. Just drove 5 hours round-trip to introduce some 20 new teachers to the wonders of Orff Schulwerk, work I love to do and am dedicated to do any time, any place I’m called. Came home and greeted my daughter and two grandchildren just arrived from Portland. They will stay with us the week, which ordinarily is like a double-scoop ice cream cone with your two favorite favors on a hot summer’s day. It got off to a hilarious start with 10-month-old Malik inventing a new sitting-bouncing- dance to my banjo playing and then a sweet session reading “The Red Balloon” to four-year old Zadie. But truth be told, I’m nervous about hosting them while trying to get through the rest of the week, coming home to toys on the floor and kids clamoring for attention and no private space. And why am I concerned?
Because this Saturday is the long-awaited 50th Anniversary party of The San Francisco School. I’m in charge of the ceremony, which means putting together slides from 1000 or so in our archives, unifying the speeches of the speakers, writing my own closing speech trying to tie the whole event together, as well as just talking with some 100 plus alums, helping lead a singing time, organize a samba group, write a song for my wife and practice with an alum. Because her retirement speech will be just before my closing one. And the night before will be an art show honoring her work.
That’s an enormous amount of work ahead of me. But meanwhile, I’m in school teaching my normal classes and preparing kids for the Spring Concert in three weeks. And playing jazz at The Palace Hotel on Wednesday night. And meeting with my colleagues to decide about next year’s Intern Program, Spring Concert repertoire, summer course issues.
Each thing alone is worthy and satisfying and pleasurable work, but the combination is—well, a banquet on steroids. I imagine this blog will be silent for a bit and if so, that’s why.
Wish me luck!

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