Monday, April 4, 2016

The Goodness of the World

As per last entry, my day began with promise. Unpacked, re-packed, slept, all transport connections to airport made, got my boarding pass at the machine, time for an ice coffee to prop me up and over jet lag, got to the gate at 8:00 am for the 8:30 flight, the attendant scanned the boarding pass and…


“Hmm."  Took a look at the ticket and said, “This flight is for 8:30 PM."

My response?


In a 3-year old whiny voice. Did I really make such a stupid mistake? But before I hit the ground with pounding fists in a public tantrum, she calmly said, “Talk to that person over there.”

I walked ten feet over and this attendant said, “Give me your credit card and for $25 I’ll put you on this flight.”

Did I hear that right? Could it really be so simple? Yes, it could.


She let me cut back into line (“Really?”) and…

I got a better seat in the front of the plane. Well, not business class, but first row window.

Occasionally, good –hearted people do simple things to make others happy. The world is a good place today.

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