Monday, April 25, 2016

Give and Take

In this busiest of weeks in a busy year, I go home to my 10-month old grandson Malik. He gives me something— a sock, a ball, a shaker—and I give it back to him. He gives it to me and I take it. I give it to him and he takes it. That’s it until one of us gets tired. We like it.
It’s kind of like folk dancing. 8 steps to the right, 8 steps to the left and hey, this is just where we started! Not getting anywhere, but some pleasure in the journey. It’s simple. It’s clear. It’s the root of all economics, money-wise and relationship-wise.
If it was 2 takes to 1 give, the world would start to tilt off balance. 10 takes to 1 give and now it’s just plain greedy. 100 takes, 1 give and now we’ve entered the territory of the psychopathic personality. The kind we often admire in this country. It ruins the whole game.
Hey, Wall St.!! Spend a little time with the babies. They have something to teach you. 

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