Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Captive Audience

Lately there’s been a spike in my blog readers. Instead of the usual 70 to 90 per day, the last two days have been over 350 each day. What’s going on? I never can figure this out. Don’t think it’s related to the quality, but maybe if people like something, they tell others. It’s a mystery.
But I figure since I have a captive audience, I should take advantage of it. As follows:
• Could use a few more folks in my July jazz course. Check it out at www.douggoodkin.com
• I’ll be playing again at the Palace Hotel this Friday if you want to stop by.
• Want to help me with my report cards coming up?
• If you’re reading these blogs, I’ll assume you know who NOT to vote for in November. And do remember to vote!
• Always open for gigs for my Pentatonics Jazz Band—any age audience, any size, any place with a decent piano.
• Oh, and have you bought or read any of my eight books recently? (See Website above)
Hmm. I guess I don’t need that much from the world at the moment. Thanks for reading!

PS Oh, yeah, if anyone has an extra Honorary Doctorate in Music Education lying around, I could use one of those.

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  1. It is possible that "bots" are bumping up your stats. That happened to me. Check to see what country/countries those views are coming from. Could be Russia or China.


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