Saturday, May 7, 2016

Expiration Date

Sometimes there are just days like this. The dishwasher broke the other day after 22 years of devoted service and our handyman declared it “Irreparable.” So off we went this morning to buy a new one, found a decent model with alleged improvements and all was well and good until…. It appears all new models have longer doors and we weren’t sure if we could open it all the way without hitting our nearby cabinet. Back home to measure and the verdict? Three inches short of a door that will open. No options except rebuilding the cabinet.
While considering that, my wife Karen came up from the basement and said, “The washing machine is acting weird.” Back to our handyman, who will come on Monday.
Off to the opening of the MOMA Museum and got some headphones that, of course, didn’t work as promised. To get them, Karen had to leave her driver’s license. At the end, we returned them and naturally, they had “misplaced” her driver’s license. Never did find it, but assured us they would and would deliver it. Then we went to the coat-check room and they brought out someone else’s stuff. Luckily, another look back there and they did come out with ours. But still—what the heck is going on today?!!
It did not seem like an auspicious day to buy a suit so that I can play piano at the Palace Hotel and meet their exalted dress code. But I did and lucked into what felt like a pretty good deal. Then to Macy’s to buy sheets to replace those that mysteriously had big gaping rips. Back on the N-Judah and the door got stuck and progress halted. Of course it would. But again, luck was starting to turn as the delay was short.
Yes, all first-world problems dialed low to the level of minor annoyance, but something mysterious about all things expiring right around the same time. Luckily, MY cOmpUtEr is DoINg fiNe @#$%!^%&*)(+%&^#$^%*&^@#!{}?^<>"}||^&.,<><>?}{$^)+_

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