Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kicking the Football

It’s the Charlie Brown moment again. Lucy holds the football, the one she has snatched away every single time Charlie Brown has run up to kick it and each time, he falls flat on his face. But here comes Charlie again, ever hopeful that this time she won’t. And of course, she does and there he is, on the ground again.

That’s me today after the next shameful, shameful, shameful moment in this country’s catastrophe. I called the Republicans who were on the fence about endorsing DeVos, the worst qualified Secretary of Education in the history of the known universe and was vaguely optimistic that since we only needed one to block her, we stood a chance. What was I thinking?

So there she is, signed, sealed and delivered by the folks who have not an ounce of moral courage, decency or allegiance to a fair and just democratic process. The circus clowns have taken over the show, with the head clown as ringmaster. And this time they’re throwing clubs at the innocent children and laughing. We need a new word for shame, it just doesn’t cover the situation expressively enough. 

And yet. At Portland Airport, there was a crowd welcoming the people at the International Terminal coming off the plane, letting them know that this circus is not the only show in town. And the Democrats starting to strengthen their spine a little bit. I’m back in the dirt, punished for my faith that the rules of holding the football for the kick still apply. But like Anteus, that Greek demi-god who drew strength from Mother Earth each time Hercules threw him down, I have a more dependable faith that I will rise stronger and in company with all of those who still have the moral capacity to be outraged. That, and a good supply of cuss words aimed at people whose content of character keeps lowering to the next unbelievable depth, will see me through.

And you?

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