Sunday, February 5, 2017

The New Routine

1.     Wake up.
2.     Wake up to what’s happening.
3.     Arise.
4.     Rise up and speak out.
5.     Drink orange juice.
6.     Don’t drink the Kool Aid.
7.     Write in your journal “Here is my comment.”
8.     Write to your Senator. “Here is my comment.”
9.     Call your family.
10.  Call your Senator.
11.  Go for a walk.
12.  Go for a walk—with thousands of protestors.
13.  Exercise your body.
14.  Exercise your right to free speech.
15.  Stretch your body.
16.  Stretch your thinking.
17.  Work for money.
18.  Work for justice.
19.  Feed your children.
20.  Feed truth to your children.
21.  Talk to your friends.
22.  Talk to everybody.
23.  Sing. Dance. Laugh.
24.  Sing. Dance. Laugh. Grieve. Feel outrage. Sing again.
25.  Rest.
26.  Never rest.
27.  Sleep and dream.
28.  Stay alert and dream the new world.

Repeat as needed.

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