Sunday, February 19, 2017

Venn Diagram

Remember the Venn Diagram from schooling? It’s a diagram representing mathematical or logical sets pictorially as circle with common elements of the sets being represented by intersections of the circles.

I promised a Venn Diagram connecting the 36 Hostile Takeover Actions of the current Administration (see yesterday’s blog), trying to find the points of connection between the remarkable variety of policies threatening environment, economy, educations, health care, targeted groups of people, free speech and the press and more. What are the connecting points between the all-out assaults?

So at 3 am on a jet-lagged Singapore morning, I set to work with my Venn diagram and then realized, “Hey! I’m doing too much work. This should be the reader’s homework assignment!”
And so I turn it over to you. Find the bullet points from yesterday and group under the following philosophical justifications that the Republicans have either explicitly stated or implicitly endorsed these last few decades and now are blown up to extreme proportions that even some Republicans are starting to question. I’ll get you started with my perception of the thinking behind the permission for such outrageous policies. I’m fully aware some might read them and think, “Yeah, so what’s your point?” These are the folks that I hope will be sent to the future country of United Red States leaving the rest of us free to get on with human evolution. Have fun!

1. I’m more concerned about my team winning than the welfare of the whole country.

2. I will do anything I can to win regardless of whether it is legal or Constitutional.

3. I will put incompetent people in positions of power as long as they further my agenda.

4. I got mine (whether I earned or deserved it or not) and I don’t care if you get yours. In fact, I will work to make sure you don’t.

5. I will continue to protect the privilege I didn’t earn or deserve and claim my people as the legitimate ones and the rest as expendable, disposable, unworthy of respect and dignity.

6. I feel threatened by any person who chooses to be different from me and will not allow them any of the rights and benefits I enjoy.

7. I care a lot about money as a measure of self-worth and though I have more than enough, will do everything I can to keep making more and keeping it for me and mine, not giving it to the common good.

8. The world is there for my plunder and I don’t care about the future of my grandchildren or sustaining our resources.

9. America first—MY America—and screw the rest of the world.

10. All of the above.

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