Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shooting into Hurricanes

What is worthy to write about? A few candidates included:

1)    My granddaughter saying her first days of school were okay, but there was too much playtime. (?)

2)    The glory of arias sung at Opera in the Park with a few thousand people sitting in hushed silence.

3)    The certainty that the ozone layer ain’t what it used to be sitting in direct 89 degree sunlight.

4)    Barbecuing in a San Francisco thunderstorm— three words that don’t belong together—while celebrating my sister’s birthday with family and friends.

5)    Deep discussions about the decline of cursive handwriting.

And the winner is………

The online news article about the Florida sheriff strongly advising residents not to shoot their guns into Hurricane Irma. Apparently, someone tweeted as a joke, “Let’s show Irma who’s in charge here and get our guns and shoot the hell out of her!!” Then 50,000 tweeters—enough to alarm the sheriff—wrote back, “I’m in!!!!”  It was a perfect Darwin Awards moment, hordes of macho guys armed to the teeth shooting randomly into the winds and eventually killing each other off and scoring a victory for Evolution’s Gene Pool. Since I’ve heard no further news, I guess they listened to the Sheriff.

Meanwhile, the weather in San Francisco is worth noticing—record 106 degree heat, rain two months ahead of schedule, a thunderstorm (never happens!), distant fog breezes that are warm instead of the usual chilled variety. Not to mention the Texas and Florida hurricanes. Thank goodness I know it’s all a hoax because the President told me. Now he just has to send the memo to the weather gods.

What will tomorrow bring?

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