Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Can I add my voice of outrage that black football players are taking the knee and refusing to honor the flag and anthem that is the cornerstone of American democracy?! How low can you get? Not only are they being disrespectful, but there is documented evidence that they have been unpatriotic in all sorts of ways. Here’s just a few:

• Refusing to pay taxes that are the cornerstone of things like schools, libraries, road repair and other things that make American life civil, workable and proud. And then having the gall to boast that they’re smart by not paying!!!

• Refusing to reveal their taxes when asked to.

• Publicly insulting Gold Star families.

• Publicly insulting congress people who were P.O.W.’s.

• Getting hired on professional football teams regardless of hard work or talent, because their daddy knew the right people.

• Willing to deny 20 million and more fellow Americans decent health care because they’re rich enough to afford private health care.

• Making shady deals with the Russians.

• Weirdly hugging the flag on camera instead of saluting it.

And that’s just the start. So I agree 100% with President Trump that any son of a bitch who disrespects the basic foundation of our democracy should get fired immediately!! Throw the bums out!!! Are you with me?!!!!

Oh, wait a second. My mistake. It wasn’t black football players who did any of the above. What they did was exercise their first Amendment right to call attention to the fact that innocent fellow Americans were being deprived of not only liberty and happiness, but actual life as public government officials (police) murdered them without reasonable provocation and got away with it. They were actually doing what American democracy demands of its citizens—not to obey mindlessly the orders of the ruling powers, but to question, to ask for accountability, to seek fairness and justice, all the things the flag and anthem stand for.

So who is the son of a bitch traitor that actually did all those things above (substitute inherit money for getting hired to play football)? Oh, yeah. Our President. So let’s take his advice and throw the bum out!!!!! And please, before the next football season!

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