Thursday, September 21, 2017

Theology of Racism

Is there Jim Crow in Heaven? Separate clouds? What’s the roommate situation? Might Hitler room with Einstein? Emmett Till’s murderers have Emmett as a bunkmate? Is there a theory that all people of color go to Hell? If so, does that means Hitler and Stalin are playing harps while Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela are burning in eternal hellfire? Exactly what kind of religion would allow that? If there is no color line in Heaven and all Souls dwell together, why should there be one on Earth? Shouldn’t we practice getting along down here knowing we will be hanging out together for all Eternity?

If you go the reincarnation route, how is it determined who you are reborn as? Might Hitler be reincarnated as a Jew? King Leopold as a Congolese? Andrew Jackson as a descendant of the Cherokee Indians he sent to on the Trail of Tears to some wasteland in Oklahoma? Knowing that any of us could be reborn as a gay person in Chechnya, a woman in Somalia, a black person in the United States or anybody in North Korea, isn’t it in our self-interest to work for justice on behalf of all people now so we may be treated better in the future?

Think about it.

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