Friday, August 31, 2018

Farewell to Summer

And so September begins tomorrow. Every day is a chance to renew one’s vows, but the turn of the year, the season, the month sometimes calls for some reflection and intentions. Here are mine for September:

1)   To finish the first (or second) draft of at least one book.
2)   To record my first (or several) podcast.
3)   To begin to contribute with time and/or money to turning things around in November.
4)   To memorize a few Goldberg Variations and keep working on jazz skills
5)   To organize the New Orleans Jazz course for next summer
6)   To keep biking or hiking most every day.
7)   Etc.

Even as I bid farewell to summer, September is summer, weatherwise, that is, in San Francisco. Looking forward to some warm days, Opera in the Park, Comedy in the Park, some great SF Jazz shows and movies as good as the one I saw tonight, BlackkKlansmen. (Do see it and join my number 3 resolve above!)

And so a ritual Hares and Rabbits as we turn to the 9th month. 

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