Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Wagons Are Circling

“We all must sit down someday to a banquet of consequences.”
                                                                                                -Robert Louis Stevenson

2016 proved that nothing is predictable any more in the political sphere, but I have a very good feeling at the moment that Mueller’s wagons are circling and the house of cards is about to fall.
The moment of truth will be November’s mid-terms, but I wouldn’t mind if the proverbial sh*t hit the fan before then or if 45 finally sat down to eat his tweets at his Banquet of Consequences. (So many metaphors applicable here!)

Inspired by a Youtube video (check it out!) of Randy Rainbow singing a song, “If You Ever Got Impeached” to the Harold Arlen tune from the Wizard of Oz, “If I Only Had a Brain,” I immediately added two new verses of my own. If you don’t know that movie or song, well, why not?!!! Get thee to Netflicks immediately. If you do, don’t just read the words below, but sing them. So much more fun.

Enjoy! And may it be so!!!

A) It’s time that you get fired
We all of us are tired
Of your dog-and-pony show

Oh, there is no disputin’
You only won because of Putin
Now it’s time for you to go.

A) Now every U.S. resident
Can tell their kids the President
Got busted and hooray!

Now the kids can imitate
The brand new head of State
When the Dems win the day. 

B) Oh, you– think you’re so fine
You don’t know that you don’t know
What you’ve done is such a crime
So we’re gonna let you go

A) No more attention you’ll be getting’
When they put you in San Quentin
Just where you belong

We hope you feel some shame
As we break out the champagne
While you listen to this song.

A) You fired all your staffers
Called them all riff-raffers
Now only you remain

You got rid of Sean Spicer
You should have been much nicer
To Senator McCain.

A) You’re not so good at thinkin’
You could never be a Lincoln
All you think about is you.

The country needs someone kinder
I’m sure that we can find her
That’s what we’re gonna do.

B) Oh, yes, your time is up,
Your little party is through
We all will raise our cup
“Cause the bell is tolling for you

A) We can’t think of any reason
Why you shouldn’t be charged with treason
As you tried to bring us down.

Now it’s time to rise up singing
Get the bells of freedom ringing
In every hamlet and every town.

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