Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Deadly Moccasins

“Never criticize someone until you’ve walked a mile in their moccasins.”

I’m sure most of us know the above quote, but how many times have we tried it?
I’m going to give it a go here.

1.     The Orff approach to music has been proved to be the most effective pedagogy of all time, far surpassing Kodaly, Dalcroze, Suzuki and other approaches.

2.     I have been named as the world’s top Orff teacher.

3.     The kids at school voted me as their favorite teacher of all time.

4.     Traveling around the world, it has been difficult to hold off all the gorgeous women who are wildly attracted to me.

5.     Bobby McFerrin said in a recent interview that the most important things he learned in music came from watching my classes.

6.     Keith Jarrett approached me recently and…    

OK!!!! I GIVE UP!!!! I CAN’T DO IT!!!!!!

It’s no secret that I have been critical of our President, so I thought it my duty to try that moccasin walk thing. But according to the Washington Post, I fell 10 lies short of Trump’s average 15 per day. Yes, you heard that right. There have been some 7,600 lies of small and large magnitude told in the last two years! by the guy who brings pathological narcissism to a new level. That averages to about 15 per day!!!!

I was struggling to come up with 15 just once in these past 8 years of blog posts and felt the urge to vomit after number 5. How does he do it? What goes on in that head of his? It is simply extraordinary.

Try walking yourself in those moccasins and if they fit, go get help.

PS All but one of the above were boldface lies.

PSS I can’t even sleep at night knowing I just lied again just to get you interested. Okay, they’re ALL lies.

PSSS  “Liar” was the last word of Bob Woodward’s book Fear, concisely summing up all the evidence.

PSSSS We simply have to get this guy out of office. Now. And that’s no lie.

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