Monday, January 14, 2019

Seven Reasons Why It's Good to Be Hot

I like to be comfortable as much as the next person—sunny days at 75 degrees with an occasional light breeze. But following my air-conditioning rant, I set myself the task of thinking of 10 good reasons to accept hot weather. And going to New Orleans in July, many of these will be tested! Here’s the list:

             1.    It slows you down. You don’t need an excuse for not mowing the lawn today.

       2.   It gives you something to say to your neighbor. (“Hot enough for you?”)

       3.   It sweats out impurities. Think Finnish sauna.  

      4.  If water is nearby—ocean, lake, river or shower, isn’t it deliciously refreshing?

      5. It inspires you to plant trees and seek out their shade. And trees are good for
          everyone and everything.

      6. It increases your gratitude when a hint of a breeze comes along. You grow thankful
          for small pleasures. And gratitude is always worth cultivating.

       7. Attractive people are attracted to you. (Oops! That’s the other kind of “hot.”)

I suggest we have a Turn Off the Air Conditioner and Sweat Day. (But ceiling fans allowed.)

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