Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Make America Great Again

The circus is back in town. Well, really, it never left. The latest side-show is MAGA-hatted young conservatives shouting across the great divide to Native American elders. The media is in pig-heaven as the theater of opposition ramps up yet again without a single civil word being spoken or a single coherent thought considered.

If I was the Native American elder and —miracle of miracles—there was an opportunity to dialogue with those hatted folks, I’d say: “Let’s talk about that word “again.” I dare you to name a year when America was truly great. Meaning living up to its promise of liberty and justice for all. Name a single year when every American citizen was judged solely by the content of their character, where any one was welcome to visit or live in any neighborhood, when schools gave equal opportunity to all. You know the list. But now, name the year.”

Didn’t think you could. But I can. The year was 1491. And all the years before that. It wasn’t perfect. There was tribal warfare, but there wasn’t genocide. People would move from one location to another based on weather or food, but not because someone else re-located them to a virtually unlivable place. There was occasional drought and pestilence and fires, but there wasn’t anything called climate change. And if you could measure the environmental impact people made on the land back then over a hundred years time, it would probably be 1% of one day in downtown Los Angeles. I’d say that all makes America pretty great way back then.”

Now, young man, you seem to be all for this wall and against criminal immigrants. You want to keep them out and deport the ones that are here. Is that correct? Yes? I thought so.”

So, now, please give me your hat and get off my land. You, sir, are an illegal immigrant with a proven criminal record and my people and I are the only ones qualified to say, ‘Make America Great Again.’ It was nice talking with you.”

Did you get that, Fox News?

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