Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hares and Rabbits

Since I first heard about Hares and Rabbits some four decades ago, I’ve more or less kept to it. The simplest version is this: At the turn of the month, the last thing you say before going to bed is “Hares” and the first thing you say in the morning is “Rabbit.” Some variations have you getting to the bathroom and dressed in ten steps and I still have a hilarious image of an old roommate attempting that with giant steps in the hall. Naturally, I have no idea where this came from and don’t know what it means and it’s surprising that I only just now turned to Google tonight to shed more light on it.

There I found an article in New England Today by someone whose family said “Rabbit, Rabbit” at the beginning of each month and was baffled as I am. She also consulted Google and found some reference to traditions from the 13thto 15thcenturies in England, with some vague link to the idea of “rabbit’s foot” luck or jumping ahead into the new month.
Not too enlightening.

But still I persist. And so a few last words before “hares” to bid a fond farewell to January, with its workshops with college students and beyond, a fun trip to Puerto Rico, the blessing of good health, intermittent exercise, some inspired piano moments, progress on my book, a few great movies, some exciting developments in the Mueller investigation, the rare and satisfying opportunity to give a workshop and talk to my own school staff and mostly, class after class after class with kids and almost every one a gem. Meaning I had a great time, the kids seemed to enjoy them,  we made some spirited music, I came up with some interesting new material and generally discovered that teaching at my school still makes sense in all kind of ways. Definitely harder than the Fall of marching entirely to my own drummer, but though the drumbeat of 6 to 8 classes a day never faltered, it felt like a strong life-giving groove. That counts for a lot.

More school ahead in February, a 2ndgrade play we’re starting to rehearse for, lots of important birthdays, a mid-month trip to Singapore and so on. I’m ready for it all.

But first, “Hares!”

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