Sunday, March 31, 2019

In My Dreams

This just in!

• The full Mueller report just got released and it became clear that Barr overlooked the part where Trump was clearly involved in collusion. Impeachment proceedings are beginning. 

• Brett Kavanaugh showed up drunk at a Supreme Court session and will be dismissed.

• Wall Street tycoons held a secret meeting and decided to voluntarily pay their fair share of taxes and create strict regulations. 

• The Pentagon gave over 40% of its budget to Education.

• Water in plastic bottles is banned worldwide.

• All voters will be required to pass a test about civil rights promised by the Constitution and amended in future bills before being allowed to vote. Election Day will be a national holiday, but only those who vote can take the day off. The Electoral College will be abolished. 

• Sponsored by the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra, Doug Goodkin & the Pentatonics will go on a National Tour bringing jazz to children of all ages.

Happy April 1st!

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