Sunday, March 3, 2019

Special Powers

Miracles come in many sizes and shapes. I’m ready to claim a minor one here, as follows.

If I could get them on TV, I’d believe I’d watch just about every Golden State Warriors basketball game. I just like watching basketball and the old cliché of “poetry in motion” holds true when I watch these fine fellows play. Luckily, I can’t get them on my TV and thus, have saved myself some precious time. 

But I often have had the good fortune of flicking on a hotel TV and there they are! And there goes my evening, happily so. And I would say just about every single time, some 10 times this season, I tune in somewhere around the beginning of the third quarter and they are behind by some 10 to 15 points. And get ready (Twilight Zone music here) for the miraculous. 

Just about every single time, the moment I tune in, they go on a 13-spree mostly led (no surprise) by Steph Curry. And then go on to win the game. Yesterday, it was undecided up until the last 1.7 seconds and then they won by 3 against the 76’ers. For this to happen a few times would be an uncanny coincidence, but I swear this has happened most every single one of the 10 times I’ve watched! Behind in the 3rdquarter, victory at the end.

I don’t want to claim too much, but I can’t help but feel that me tuning in is somehow responsible. Some latent special powers I have are announcing themselves. Warriors, are you listening? Perhaps you should purchase a new TV plan for me? Or get me more workshops that lands me in hotels? Of course, you’re good, but we all could use help, yes? 

Just sayin’. 

Go Warriors!

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