Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sprung Twice

After four days of jet lag, I finally have been sleeping through the night. Awakening between 6 am and 7am and that’s fine. 

Today I was excited to meet some of the Special Course folks for my Doug-bike-tour-through-Salzburg. We settled on a meeting time of 9:30 am, I had a solid night’s sleep and awoke to start the day. After about five minutes, took a peek at the clock and it was– 9:32!!!!! Yikes! How did that happen?!! Double-checked on my watch, which said 8:30 and wondered if it had stopped running. But no time to wonder. I threw on some clothes, grabbed a few things and rushed out to bike over to meet everyone in front of the Orff Institut.

But no one was there. Finally one arrived and she showed me a message on her phone: “We’re inside!” But of course the door was locked. She messaged back and finally someone came to open the door. I apologized profusely and they assured me that it was okay I was late, because others also had not realized about the time change.

Time change? What? That already happened in San Francisco a few weeks ago! But apparently it happened in Salzburg today. And so I’ve lost two hours of living in the last month! Not fair!

Well, it was a delightful ride anyway, as always, topped off by a long afternoon walk with my good friend Rodrigo and our traditional once-every-two-years Japanese dinner, complete with a big fight about who’s paying. Great conversation, great fun, great exercises, great people, a great ending to a great month.

Onward to April!

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