Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Pity Party

"Would you like to attend my Pity Party?" That’s an invitation no one wants to get. 

On my Sunday in Kansas City, the expected blizzard didn’t come and that was a good thing. But the interactive booths at the Jazz Museum weren’t working and that was a pity. I got to the airport on time, but waited an extra three hours because of low clouds in San Francisco. Home by 11:30 pm with the first little sniffle appearing and then 7 hours straight of meetings with my colleagues the next day to get necessary planning done. Back to school the next day to teach and the cold I thought I could skip around grabbed me and sent me down the drippy hallways of sneezes and sniffles and sinus headaches. Woke up today feeling a tad better and then 5 classes at school threw me down again. And apparently, since I couldn’t watch the Warriors on TV in a hotel room, they were trounced by the Celtics. The rain in San Francisco just will not stop and yes, it’s better than a drought, but enough is enough! And I have a 6-hour workshop to teach this Saturday.

Aren’t you glad I didn’t invite you to my Pity Party? 

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