Sunday, July 5, 2020

A Different Kind of "Enough"

Having been without so many things for so long, it’s a perfect time to say “Enough.”

Enough of too many cars driving to do too much work that brings too little pleasure and healing and help and beauty to the world for too many long hours. 

Enough of shoot-‘em up Hollywood Blockbusters teaching young boys to find power in guns and walled-off feeling, young girls to claim their identity through alluring sexy bodies. 

Enough of politicians doing whatever it takes to beat the other team without thought for the common good. 

Enough of citizens excusing them.

Enough of the big spectacles.

Enough of hours and hours and yet more hours tied to a screen. 

Enough of white folks thinking it’s just fine to not think about or talk about or educate oneself about race. 

Enough of plastic water bottles. 

Enough of crummy little plastic toys that no kid needs. 

Enough of you-know-who. Really enough. 

What’s on your list?

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