Thursday, July 9, 2020

In the Torrent and Out the Door

Just spent another four days partly on the screen, this time a gathering of Orff teachers from around the world, many of whom I had taught or taught with. Still amazes me how much those small faces in the squares can warm a heart.
But part of this gathering is about a divisive Hatfield/ McCoy type feud and yet another reminder that if the best people I know in the world can’t get along, who can?!!! But that’s simply the human comedy and tragedy. But a group of opposable-thumbed bi-ped large-brained creatures together for a while and the very infinite combinations of neural connections and heart-feelings are bound to bump into each other and cause some bruising. To say the least. 
And so I’m reminded of Goethe, who said that talent is formed in solitude, character in the world’s torrent. What we say and how we say it and who we say it to reveals our character and as we’re buffeted about, we hopefully learn how to navigate the storm with greater and great integrity, honesty and compassion. Or not.
But I can’t think too much more about this because after staying within the confines of the 49 square miles of San Francisco for four months straight, I’m gettin’ out of Dodge!! So weird that me with my Million-mile flight club (I know, nothing to brag about in terms of consuming the earth’s resources) hasn’t packed a suitcase in a full third of a year! But takes only two minutes to get back into that frame of mind and remember what I consider essential to bring—and if I was wise, reduce it by a third! (I’m not wise.)
Took one more bike ride around the old city and sat to finish my handwritten journal, somewhere around my 24thsince I began in 1973. The last ten or so have been almost exactly in two-year cycles, always beginning wondering how I’ll end and who will still be by my side and what I will have done. And then ending by answering that question. 
Now back to packing and up and out early and may the travel gods be with us, the masks sturdy and used in the states we pass through, the weather beneficent and the grandchildren well-behaved. More to come.

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