Tuesday, July 28, 2020


On the way to Mt. Rushmore, we were astounded to see the tourist attractions offered. There were big signs for a Wax Museum, a bear park, a Christmas village, a dinosaur park, a Founding Fathers exhibit complete with musket shooting, a zip line tour, a gold mine tour, Old Macdonald’s Farm, Candyland, Glassblowers and Naked Winery. Only in America. Then in the nearby town, there was a tent for Trump with a sign “Keep America first!” Well, that seems to be working: first in number of COVID places, first in gun ownership and mass murders, first in the most unqualified world leader and so on.

Besides these Disneyesque forms of pseudo-entertainment, there were also ads in our trip across 90 for various intriguing museums. Really, it could be a fun road trip to visit all these quirky little pieces of Americana. In South Dakota alone, there was a tractor museum, Laura Ingalls Wilder house, the Armed Forces Military Display Museum, the Campbell Original Straw Bale Built Museum, the Celebrity Hotel Memorabilia Display, the Classic Wheels Museum, the Corn Palace (been there!), National Museum of Woodcarving, National Presidential Wax Museum. And so on.

Anyone want to join my obscure museum road trip?

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