Friday, November 20, 2020

It's Over Now

Imagine if every day at school or work, some bully sitting next to you keeps poking you over and over again. One day he’s absent and you realize what a relief it is not to be constantly poked and prodded. Not only a relief from the pain and annoyance of these violations of your body, but a relief from the anticipation of when the next one will come, from having to recover from the bruises where the last one was. And if the bully is finally expelled or moves away, you realize that you can relax your clenched body and get on with your life. 


That’s what it feels like to me knowing that four-years of constant jabbing and pinching and punching is finished. It’s over now. But not quite. So I offer what will hopefully be my last re-active song parody inspired by Carmen Macrae’s version of Thelonious Monk’s composition Well You Needn’t. Listen to her version first and then substitute my words:


You say you weren’t beat, well, you needn’t.

You’re tryin’ to cheat, well, you needn’t.

Can’t admit your defeat, well, you needn’t.

It’s over now, it’s over now.


You’re re-countin’ the votes, well, you needn’t.

You’re pullin’ our coats, well, you needn’t.

You’re singin’ wrong notes, well, you needn’t.

It’s over now, it’s over now.


It’s over now, it’s over now,

You had your fun, so take a bow.

You lost the lead, Dems did the deed, time to concede, get outta town.

Take the blow, it's time to go, let's close the show down.


You’re cryin’ “fake news!”, well, you needn’t.

Not tyin’ your shoes, well, you needn’t.

Lyin’ “Didn’t lose!”, well, you needn’t.

It’s over now, it’s over now. 


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