Monday, November 2, 2020

Letter to Trump Voters

Before you cast your ballot tomorrow, consider this:


If you win, you lose.


• COVID 19 doesn’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat. But your guy has declared it over and has no plan or intention of trying to control it. You could be one of the 500,000 more predicted to die. Are you concerned about that?


• If you are so unfortunate as to get it, your guy’s idea of a health plan will make it expensive, hard or impossible to get quality care. You will not be on the VIP list at Walter Reed.


• With COVID raging, your job is threatened and the economy as a whole will continue to suffer. 


• Your child’s school won’t be able to open. How’s that going for you?


• Likewise, climate change doesn’t care who you vote for and the floods, fires, hurricanes will go on their merry way regardless of whether your guy thinks they’re real or not.


• The likelihood of an inhabitable planet for your children decreases every minute the leadership denies climate change. Don’t forgot you’re not just voting for what you care about, you’re voting for what your children need you to care about.


• If you vote for your guy, you’re telling your children (and all children) that it’s okay to lie (at least 16 times a day by the latest count), to bully, to insult and demean those who don’t agree with them, to treat women badly, to believe anything they say is true just because they say so, to care about no one but themselves.  Is that really the message you want to give your children?


• Voting for your guy means agreeing to discard anything about our country that might have made us great and thus, betraying your very own slogan! Your guy condones voter suppression, is silent about Russian interference in our election, has threatened to not accept the results of a fair electoral process, has mocked our military, has aligned himself with the world dictators and alienated our country from the world’s democracies, has agreed to help out the Americans he picks and chooses— his rich white millionaires and billionaires good-ole-boys-club, has pretended to care about working class poor but doesn’t. People who threaten our democratic ideals are called traitors. That’s not you, is it?


• Even if you’re one of those tax-free billionaires, if you win, you still lose— remember that COVID 19 and climate change don’t care about your money. 


• If you vote for your guy, you’re aligning yourselves with the folks who plotted to kidnap the Michigan governor, the vigilantes who threatened Biden’s bus, the Charlottesville crew and you’re fanning hate and feeding the worst part of yourself. Is that really who you are?


Here’s the good news:


If you lose, you win.


• If "the other guy" wins, you will have a President who said in the last debate what your guy didn’t: “I will serve all Americans regardless of who voted for me.”


• If "the other guy" wins, he can’t promise to magically solve the challenges that face us, but it helps enormously that he has a plan to help reduce the spread of COVID 19, he has a plan to create and sustain jobs while fighting climate change, he has a plan to uphold the Constitution and keep the foundations of our democracy honest, he has a plan to improve health care—your health care, to improve schools—your children’s schools. 


• Your guy tells you to be afraid of his opponent because he knows that if he can make you afraid, he can get you to do what serves him. But the other guy doesn’t feed your fear or tell you to hate, he asks for your participation in democracy. Wouldn’t it feel good to stop shouting and hating and start to feed the good-hearted parts of yourself? I mean really?


So when you cast your ballot, keep these two truths in mind:


If you win, you lose. (We all do.)


If you lose, you win. (We all do.)


Do the right thing. And then we can get to work… together.  

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