Thursday, November 12, 2020

More Scraps from the Filing Cabinet

I think this might have come from the early 80’s during my involvement with the Nuclear Freeze Movement.


In the midst of this spinning wheel of Life,

open to the suggestions of newspaper headlines and Time magazine,

the horror seeps in, the despair,

hopelessness strikes deep.


Yet one moment of clear vision

and it all disappears like a forgotten nightmare. 

Seated firmly in the Source,

intimately connected to all things,

entering the stream of power that runs through all things, 

there is no question

that we will triumph. 

Suddenly, 60,000 nuclear bombs are vanquished

by one atom of Love. 


And then this one.


Buddhist Primer


In Buddhism, there is no god—

but she’s always with you.


There is no distinction between good and evil—

but all is good.


There is nothing to be realized—

but we must spare no efforts to realize it.


There is no waiting for grace—

Buddha has done his part, the rest is up to us.


This world will survive—

but we must work to survive along with it.


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