Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Packing Up the Circus

It’s happening. Four news stories on my AOL News and not a single one about that guy or showing his image. Instead, Biden edging his way into the media spotlight and when I read “Biden considering cabinet picks,” my body doesn’t grow hard with protective armor, wondering which absolutely incompetent heartless moron is going to wreak havoc in their appointed field. 


The Circus of Incompetence is taking down the tent and getting out of town, and though four years too late, still not a moment too soon. We are only just beginning to realize the toll this has taken on our psyche, our bodies, our tender hearts. What a relief to read a few news stories that don’t assault you or outrage you or whittle your faith in the goodness of humanity down to a stub of a dull pencil. I took a moment today to imagine if the worst had happened and four more years of this relentless attack on basic human decency would have not only continued, but grown worse and knew that I wouldn’t feel as I do today, relaxed, enjoying the sound of the welcome rain, arranging a Zoom call with some of the first kids I taught 48 years ago knowing we wouldn’t have to spend a minute of our precious time wondering how we were going to survive another day of the nightmare, never mind another four years. Life in the pandemic is far from normal, but the slow return to the normal of waking up to the welcome of a day without putting on the armor to survive the attack, well, that is so much more meaningful to me than being able to go to an indoor restaurant or even teach a live Orff workshop. The constant dark cloud over the head, that constant earthquake tremor of the ground we walk on, that constant ear-splitting siren of alarm is changing. The sun is emerging, the birds are singing, the ground feels more solid and dependable. It is a relief beyond words, even as I try to find some to express it.


And you, how are you feeling, my friend?


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