Thursday, February 24, 2022



According to my Blogspot stats (see above), yesterday’s post was number 3, 333. I wish I had written 3,333 on 2/22/22 but I was two days late! As a card-carrying numbers nerd, I just had to comment.


Of course, in a world gone mad, where Russian dictators are still acting out the old world domination model of the last century, insane conspiracy theorists are shutting down butterfly habitats at the Mexican border, serious democracy-killing former leaders and their like are still walking free on the streets, this kind of post is frivolous beyond reason. But if we denied ourselves such moments of trivia, shut down any levity, spent each day biting our nails in fear and trembling, then the nay-sayers and death-servers win. So let’s leave some space for lightness in the face of the heaviness, live a both-and life and find grace, beauty and humor where and when we can.


In short, 3333 on 22222 (well, almost) still feels newsworthy.  

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