Monday, February 14, 2022

And So It Began …

Today’s Facebook memory from two years ago to the day:


With courses cancelled in Hong Kong, Macau and Bangkok, flying home early from Singapore. Grateful that I was able to teach six different two-day courses here without getting shut down. 14-hour flight ahead, looks like I'll be able to see the plum blossoms in San Francisco after all. Meanwhile, heartbreaking news about the continued spread of the virus— sending healing thoughts to China and beyond.


Little did I knew what lay ahead and how “beyond” would come to my doorstep, to everyone’s doorstep around the world and stay so long beyond its welcome. It seems to be finally packing its bags and we’re all hoping that some distant cousin doesn’t suddenly show up and move in. 

Maybe someday I can finally teach those courses in Hong Kong, Macau and Bangkok.

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