Thursday, May 26, 2022

A Special Room

I’m no fan of the Burning in Hell doctrine, but there are times when I hope that it is true and that there is a special room reserved for those who keep hurting and harming with their heavy armed shoulders of power. Like all those who think it’s just fine to hold the NRA Convention in Texas just days after the recent school shooting. Who think that guns should be everywhere and don’t you dare curtail my freedom to open-carry wherever and whenever I want. Except, apparently, when Donald Trump is speaking at the NRA Convention. Then guns will be banned from the event. It’s fine for them to be used in school massacres, but we must protect the guy who vows that he will protect gun rights, except when it comes to the right to have them when he is speaking.


Like I said, a special room in Hell. And turn up the heat, please. 

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