Friday, May 13, 2022


It’s time. My razor’s dull, my shaving soap is a thin crescent moon, my hair’s too long and I have two more pair of clean underwear— one for tomorrow and one for Sunday’s flight home. Almost done with my Crostic book puzzles, just started the last available book we brought to read—and it’s short— and taught my last workshop. The last four weeks have been some of the best of the last two years. But all good things must end. 


Of course, much to look forward to— my home, my city, my family and friends, my piano. But part of me dreading re-entering the heart of the Beast that continues to devour its children, that stands on its fake-righteous platform of pro-life and then does absolutely nothing to sustain life. No accountability for the fathers, no help for struggling mothers, no attention to policies that help preserve a world for the next generation, no money for schools and new policies that prohibit schools from teaching children what they need to know. The depth of the depravity is mind-boggling and heartbreaking and such a contrast to the kindness of each and every human being I’ve met in these glorious four weeks. 


Re-turn means to turn again, to turn and to turn as in the Shaker song, hoping through turning we may come round right. This time has indeed been a turning with delight, but the re-turn promises signing endless petitions to remind those in power that decent human beings still exist and we will have our say. But the cost is entering the hellish mind-set of the empowered privileged using their position and intelligence to hurt others in some perverted notion of winning. The Grizzlies whomped the hell out of the Warriors last night and that was painful to watch, but at least I knew that their victory came from their superb teamwork and hard-earned talent. You couldn’t help but respect them and even applaud them for their extraordinary play.


But the same tired old criminals in the Senate and Supreme Court are winning their despicable victories not from their disciplined efforts to become competent human beings, but from the inheritance of a narrative that ravished the land and whole groups of people and renders them unaccountable. They see kindness coming around the corner and work twice as hard to wound, disfigure or murder it. And then gloat about it. Aaargh! I don’t want to return to them!!


Well, two more days here in peaceful Switzerland. Errands like the bank and a Covid test, but also hoping for a bike ride today and an amble through Zurich tomorrow. To savor a few more minutes of peace and tranquility before facing the snarling jaws of my country’s news. 

May we all turn and turn until we find the place just right. 



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