Thursday, December 1, 2022


Looking for one book at City Lights Bookstore the other day, I found another. A poet I had never heard of named Margaret Randall. The title—Out of Violence Into Poetry — attracted my attention and a quick browse through the book was intriguing enough for me to bring it to the check-out counter. 


Having started this morning’s turn of the month with Youtube, I returned to the more familiar ground of morning meditation and then decided to continue the celebration with a poem. Ms. Randall’s poem “I Celebrate” seemed like a promising title and the last stanza perfectly complemented Stephen Colbert’s good news (see last post). Here it is:


I celebrate our indelible grief, hard knots

bursting with scattered tendrils of hope.

Beyond these shadows of avarice and sickness,

racist hate and twisted power I celebrate

each victory as we bring it forth. 

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