Friday, December 30, 2022

Vacation Game-a-Thon

It’s the last day of two weeks of family vacation time. Each of the three generations will soon return to their normal routines and mostly with the sense that, “It’s time.” But meanwhile, our vacation rituals that have developed over time have done their job to refresh, connect, stimulate us, to fill the air with great laughter and also tears, especially from 7-year-old Malik’s frustration at being the youngest and not always able to keep up (though he actually does magnificently). 


Games— invented, free, bought— have become a huge part of our traditions and besides the fun, are truly great strategies to develop all the various intelligences we hold— linguistic, mathematical, kinesthetic, visual-spatial, interpersonal and intrapersonal, with a touch of musical. We decide during the six nights in Palm Springs, each of us would be in charge of the evening activity and that was a good strategy. 


For my own memory, and for those curious, here are some of the games we played. (Those with an asterisk are commercial games you need to buy):


CARDS: War/ Go Fish/ Trash/ Rummy 500/ Solitaire/ Pit/ Cribbage*/  Five Crowns *


MATH GAMES:  Set */ Othello */ Dominoes *


LANGUAGE GAMES:  Taboo */ Cards Against Humanity * / Boggle */ Ghost/ Grandmother’s House


MISCELLANOUS GAMES: Throw Throw Burrito */ Sorry * / Pig * /Jigsaw Puzzle *


BALL AND OTHER GAMES: Paddleball */ Basketball/ Horse/ Poison/ Frisbee/ Miniature Golf */ Cornhole/ Horseshoes


OTHER ACTIVITIES: Hike/ Bike/ Swim/ Stroll through town/ Draw/ Cook/ Tell Stories/ Dance/ Sing songs/ Play piano/ Read/ Write/ Watch movies (the latter in SF but not Palm Springs)


It has been a busy time! 

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