Tuesday, December 6, 2022

If You See Something…

The airport post 9/11 motto—“If you see something, say something”— also applies to people attending performances. Not everybody understands this— especially those that don’t perform. May I suggest the proper etiquette is to give some kind of post-concert reaction? The best is some detail that really connected with you, next comes polite affirmation— “Nice job!” Less happy is a critique without any affirmation and close to that is silence. 


After the film showing, I heard back from my sister, an alum teacher colleague the ex-school head by e-mail. Three people. In the after-gathering, naturally, various people gave me a verbal appreciation nod, though still not many details. Especially with the present and past school community, I’m dying to know what it brought up for people. Not necessarily the behind-the-scenes insights into the work James, Sofia and I have done (though that feedback welcome), but whether they felt the film captured the spirit of the school. Whether that spirit still feels alive and vibrant. Whether it called up their own memories of the pandemic. What made them laugh? What made them tear up? What other questions did it call up?  Etc.


When people don’t talk about these things, you’re left just wondering. Did it mean anything to them? Would they recommend it to a friend? Are they on the board of the Cannes Film Festival? Etc.


So just a reminder next time you go to a concert or poetry reading or film or book publishing party celebrating a friend of colleague: “If you see something, say something.”


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