Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Best of the Blogs

It has been a marvelous Fall, rich with travel, workshops, music and all the things that get me up in the morning with a bounce to my step. But one missing piece has been the thread of an ongoing project to stitch the days together, For me, that means writing another book. The way the schedule worked out, two weeks away, one week back, one week away, two weeks back, made that impossible. I generally need six weeks of chaining myself to the desk to get the next book birthed. And with at least six more waiting in line for the turn, I found myself impatient.

This last weekend, with nothing on the calendar and a raging storm outside, I thought I would finally get down to my favorite procrastinated project— cleaning and organizing my work space. But instead, I picked up a thread I thought about back in September and began re-reading and re-organizing my blogs with the thought of publishing. Get the words off of the ephemeral floating screen onto the solid white page of the book. Organize certain themes around a central theme of Education (not travel—that for a future collection)—Arts Education, Kids, The Craft of Teaching, How We Learn, Culture and Community, Politics and Policies. With over 400 to choose from, be picky and of course, edit and even re-write.

Such decisions are always a courageous step into the dark forest of the unknown and like with all such moments in our lives, best if someone’s there to hold our hand or encourage us to start walking. And so dear Reader, if any of you are inclined to encourage and discourage me (note the word of “courage” in both!), to share any personal favorite blogs, to either give me a word for the title to replace the accurate but ugly “blog” (Confessions of a Traveling Music Teacher: The Education Blogs) or suggest a new title altogether, I would be forever grateful. The easiest would just to use the Comment option (though several folks complain that this doesn’t work for them). Other options include Facebook, Skype,  e-mail (goodkindg@aol.com), phone or floral delivery with message. And of course, if I hear from exactly no one, I’ll probably forge ahead anyway.

Meanwhile, thank you, dear Reader, for taking your valuable time to read as much of these as you have. Coming up to the two-year anniversary of my first posting, these little essays have been a cherished and faithful companion, made all the richer knowing that you are at the other end.

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