Friday, December 21, 2012

World's Greatest Mystery

What do the Nasco Lines, Voynich Manuscript, Phaistos Disc, Easter Island Sculptures, Lost City of Atlantis and my recent trip from the Buenos Aires airport all have in common? One thing—they all remain unsolvable mysteries.

The story is simple. I walked out of the Buenos Aires Airport and hailed a cab. Before entering the taxi, I asked what it would cost to go to such and such address. “80 pesos” was the answer. I had remembered my daughter telling me to expect 200 pesos, but who was I to argue? So I got in and off we went. No meter running, lots of traffic, a pleasant conversation. When we arrived at the house, I gave him a 100 peso bill and asked for ten back. He gave it to me and drove off and as I was soon to discover, became the Mystery Taxista of Buenos Aires who would so severely undercharge an innocent tourist.

For after telling the story to my daughter, she proceeded to tell each of her many friends and acquaintances. Without exception, they all shook their heads, natives and ex-pats alike and said in dumbfounded amazement, “Imposible ! No puede ser!” So I have become somewhat of a legendary figure in town, the man with the 80-peso cab ride. Tomorrow I will hail another cab to the airport. If I can get another 80-peso price, I will move from a minor deity in Argentina to a full-fledged god. But everyone tells me with certain conviction— "Ain't gonna happen."

In the days that followed, many have searched for explanations: “First day as a cab driver?” “Flunked math?” “A Buddhist Bodhisattva doing his time on earth driving taxis?” But none have succeeded to unravel the mystery.

Perhaps there are just some things better left unsolved. I’m still wondering who stole the chocolate bars at the Feather Falls school camping trip in 1976 and I just have to accept that I’ll never find out. Meanwhile, the story of the legendary 80-peso cab ride will circulate around Buenos Aires for decades to come.

P.S. If anyone’s impressed by my esoteric knowledge about the Voynich Manuscript and such, I cheated by going to a Website about the World’s 10 Greatest Mysteries. Pretty interesting stuff there if you’re inclined to look further!

P.S.S. Finally added my Hitler Meets Scooby Doo photo for that posting. Worth a peek.

P.S.S.S. Happy Solstice and Happy Post-Apocalypse World.

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