Monday, May 8, 2017

Pink Kittens in Congress

Just went to a dance recital featuring some of the SF School students and saw works ranging from the 3-years olds—alias “Pink Kittens—to high school students. Naturally the Pink Kittens in their pink tutus both so expressive and so bewildered up on the big stage stole the show. Cuteness outdid art and dang, they were pretty cute!

While watching them, I had a vision of each session in Congress beginning with all the Congress-people dressed in pink tutus dancing around a bit and then keeping their tutus on as they sat down to seriously consider the laws and policies affecting our nation. Stay with me here! Picture the change in tone when someone stands up to rant and rave dressed in their pink tutu. Can’t you just see the others trying to listen seriously and then just crack up and then all of them realizing that “ Hey, we’re just fallible human beings here trying to make the world work so people can be happier. Come on, let’s take another look at this topic and have a civil conversation. And then get up and dance a bit more at the end.”

I am dead serious here. We need something wildly different and drastic to change the whole tone of our national discourse and I think mandating Congress to hold sessions while dressed in pink tutus could do the trick. Anyone want to campaign with me on this?

Meanwhile, Plan B. Bring these 3-year old Pink Kittens into Congress before an important bill is about to be voted on. Say, the Affordable Care Act. Introduce them as follows:

“Ladies and gentlemen, here is the future of our nation. They are going to do a little dance for you and if it doesn’t melt your heart, then check-in immediately to the nearest hospital to get it checked out. You may have a serious pre-existing condition that prevents your heart from experiencing the most basic forms of human emotion.

And speaking of that, imagine that each of these little kids also have pre-existing conditions that your bill will not cover. These innocent young kids who have done nothing wrong will struggle mightily because you want to make insurance companies richer instead of helping them out. Some of them will die because of what you’re about to decide and you will think you can sleep peacefully at night because your side “won.” But now that you’ve met them, maybe their beautiful smiling faces will keep appearing in your dreams and haunt you and remind you that your selfish hard-hearted policy has hurt them or deprived them of their life. Please keep this in mind before you vote.

Enjoy the show!”


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