Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Spring. Summer. Winter. Fall.

This the title of a beautiful Korean film that deals with my favorite themes in books and movies— innocence, fall from grace, redemption. But it also describes the weather in San Francisco yesterday.

Spring is windy. Summer is foggy. Fall is sunny. Winter is rainy. Yesterday it almost was all of those at once. The day began with a slight drizzle, then the fog rolled in and the wind kicked up and air was San Francisco summery wintry (who doesn’t know the Mark Twain quote “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco?”). The strange thing was it was kind of all of these things at once.

Which made it challenging to ride my bike across Golden Gate Bridge. At the other end was the reward of a bit of real summer warmth dining outdoors in Sausalito, but getting there, the wind was fierce and I was worried that my experience of Fall would be getting swept up off of my bicycle by a particularly fierce gust, either thrown to my right into incoming traffic or to my left over the bridge and "Fall" into the water. Okay, maybe I was being a little too dramatic, but the thought did cross my mind and I did not want to be a person remembered on Memorial Day as giving my life in honor of the music department meeting I was heading to.

Well, here I am the next day and gratefully so. The house is cold—I put on the heat this morning; on May 30th! Outside my window the tree branches are dancing some wild tango as the wind continues. What the heck? Laying out my sweaters as I get ready for the last two weeks of my 42nd year at school. We begin preparations for the Samba Contest today, but more like the Iceland version than Carnaval in Rio!

I know none of this is particularly fascinating news to report, but if nothing else, you got a great movie title out of it. Check out this film. 

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