Monday, May 22, 2017

Third Childhood

If parenting is a bridge back into a second childhood, then grand-parenting is a chance for a third childhood. In two short days with my Zadie and Malik, we have:

·      Flown a kite.
·      Dug holes at the beach.
·      Camped out in the backyard.
·      Ridden a ferry on the SF Bay.
·      Swum in a pool.
·      Ridden a bike.
·      Played in the playground
·      Played catch.
·      Built with blocks.
·      Sung songs.
·      Played the piano together.
·      Jammed on kazoo, harmonica and rubber chicken.
·      Danced.
·      Roughhoused.
·      Told stories.
·      Read stories.
·      Drawn pictures.
·      Cooked together.
·      Watched Pinocchio.
·      Made a mess.
·      Cleaned up.

The odd thing is that I do most of these things each week even without my grandchildren!
I guess Peter Pan is still my hero. 

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