Sunday, December 9, 2018

A Note to My Readers

I’ve mentioned before that there seems to me some kind of glitch in the Comment Section and there’s not really any back and forth between me and my readers. Sometimes I think it’s too bad, but mostly I’m realistic about it—don’t think I could sustain ongoing dialogues without quitting all my jobs.

Occasionally, a comment gets through that makes sense and makes me happy to read it. But lately, all the comments, by different people (or robots?), tend to be like this:

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Now I’ve confessed a lot in these blog posts, but don’t believe I’ve openly discussed this as an issue I have. What’s going on? Are they reading between some lines that I haven’t even written? Are they suggesting that after reading my blog, they’d like to meet me, but first I might consider this product? Or is just plain old American capitalism sticking its nose in every nook and cranny trying to make a buck?

Not exactly the level of discourse I hoped for when starting this blog. But hey, if I ever run a spelling bee, I definitely will put the word “phosphodiesterase” on the list.

Any comments, anyone?

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