Sunday, December 9, 2018

Gone Without Goodbye

He was my friend for almost 20 years.

Every day he welcomed me, announcing
             how others in the world cared enough to get in touch.

He was with me wherever I went, on this continent or that.

Sometimes I’d be embarrassed by him, when he talked too loud in the library
           or occasionally at the dinner table.

Some friends were amazed by his loyalty, others
        had trouble believing I would choose to still hang out with him.

And then suddenly,

                        He was gone.

Just disappeared one day without a word of goodbye
         and never came back.

Do I miss him?
Well, yes and no.

I do notice the silence where his voice once spoke.

Mostly, I wonder where he went and why and sometimes
       think about how I never really knew who he was.

So, goodbye, old friend.  Thanks for all the years and I wish you well.

You voice who every day for two decades told me:

Welcome! You’ve got mail.

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