Wednesday, December 26, 2018

King Don's Christmas II

Last year around this time, I posted my version of a poem by A.A. Milne (original titled “King John’s Christmas). To our shame, it still holds up, with yet more atrocities performed by the pathological narcissist and excused by his supporters. But there is one difference— the wagons are circling tighter and tighter, preparing to serve just desserts to the person (and people) who never should have been invited to the table. My most fervent hope is that next year at this time, this poem will be obsolete. May it be so!

© 2017 Doug Goodkin (with apologies to A.A. Milne)

King Don was not a good man—
He had his selfish ways.
He never said a kind word
For days and days and days.
The men who came across him
Or gathered at his feet
Had to praise and clap and cheer
Had to kiss his nasty rear
Live each day in mortal fear
Of his daily ghastly tweet.

King Don was not a good man,
And no good friends had he
Each week he fired one or two
And sometimes fired three.
And round about December
The cards upon his shelf
Which wished him lots of Christmas cheer
Proclaimed him Time’s Man of the Year
Were never from his near and dear
But only from himself.

King Don was not a good man,
He thrived on lies and fears
Demanding that he be adored
For years and years and years.
And so this year at Christmas
While his cronies stood about
To collect more taxes from the poor
To give the rich yet more and more
To bring us to the brink of war,
The people they did shout.

“King Don, you’re not a good man!
Your heart’s the Grinch’s size
All we hear from you each day
Is lies and lies and lies.
Your Christmas list to Santa
Is a sorry sight,
When you’re not busy tweeting,
This is what you write:

“I want to change each single thing
By next year’s Rosh Hashana
That the one before accomplished
I mean, Barack Obama.

Away with all the Dreamers!
Away with all the Healthy!
Let’s bring out the Streamers
And make tax cuts for the Wealthy!

Away with Education!
Bah Humbug climate change!
Why not drill for oil
On every mountain range!

Away with woman’s right to choose!
Away with immigration!
Away with the Bill of Rights!
The tenets of this nation.

No more freedom of the press,
Just cheers for me, no boos.
Everything that I don’t like
Is heretofore Fake News!

And oh, dear Father Christmas
If you love me at all
Bring to me that great big dream
Of my Mexican tall wall.”

King Don was not a good man—
Next morning when the sun
Rose up to tell a waiting world
That Christmas had begun.
And people seized their stockings
And opened them with glee.
And felt within their hopeful reach
A message Santa did beseech
All to shout with a joyful screech
The best gift of them all:


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