Thursday, December 13, 2018


“The quantity of motion of a moving body, measured as a product of its mass and velocity.”

There are forces in this world that can’t be seen, but are deeply felt. I feel them so often in sports games— that remarkable final drive by Tom Brady in the Super Bowl a couple of years back, the Warriors famous 3rd quarter surge. It’s not just the sum of the player’s efforts and talents. It’s this third thing that enters the mix and the fans feel it as well, urge it along with their cheers. The opposition has no choice but to soldier on, but you can feel the way they feel defeated by the surge of the momentum against them. Like swimming upstream, it’s just larger than one’s willful effort and starts to sweep things along by the sheer force of its power.

I’m feeling it now with the Mueller investigation. The midterms revealed that “there is a quantity of motion of a moving, more kind and just and tired of lies and deceit and mean-spiritedness, body, it’s mass is growing and it’s velocity increasing. Things are heating up in the back rooms of the good ole boys and even the Master Denier himself is beginning to look worried. For two years, the momentum was in the other direction and all we could do was retreat to the eddies and bide our time. But now, it’s a new story. Those bad people loyal to nothing beyond their own greed and ambition are now turning on each other and to keep mixing metaphors, the rats are starting to desert the sinking ship. Can you feel it? Every day, it’s getting closer and oh, dream of all dreams, might Santa come down the chimney, take the cookies and leave a subpoena at the White House?

One can never confidently predict anything in the political sphere these days, but I’m hoping others feel the momentum too. Momentum begets momentum and I can’t wait for the day to tell the children I teach, “You see what this kind of behavior and selfish character bring?” And if jail time were wrapped up in the surprise Christmas present, I would shriek like the child getting her first bicycle. How good to know that the fairy tales can come true! The bad guys get their just desserts and it ain’t milk and cookies. The hardest thing of these last two years is seeing how much the American public was willing to excuse and how much ugliness and nastiness was getting rewarded or bypassed.

I’ve lived most of my life going against the mainstream, but now I am happy to go with the flow and help nudge the momentum along. Go, Mueller, go!!!! We’re past the 50-yard line!!!!

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