Saturday, November 27, 2021


My sister tried to get away with using “grr” as a word in Boggle and none of us playing agreed. This was on Thanksgiving Day and though the word was unacceptable, the “gr” prefix was right on the mark. For it was a lovely family gathering worthy of gratitude, filled with grace as the group grinned graciously while drinking the juice of the grape and eating the bread of the grain. And wasn’t it grand! When we got to talk to the grandchildren and marveled at how they had grown, we felt like we had arrived at the Holy Grail.


Such a welcome relief from grappling with the grim, grotesque, gruesome news, grouchy and grumbling about the unchecked greed of those who grab  more than their share. A good time to return to the ground of our being, take all the grief and gravity of the broken world as grist for the mill, to reclaim our groove and get a grip and remember that the grass is always greener  precisely where you water it. 


And most importantly, the next time “gr” appears in Boggle, you have some great choices for words. 

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