Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Literary Game Show

Ready for some high-brow entertainment? I’m about halfway through a jigsaw puzzle of people (and note the inclusive images of “people”) reading books. If you look closer, you see the titles are parodies. So how many of the original titles can you recognize? And how many have you actually read? (Extra credit if you can name the author.)

 To warm you up, what is the original of “Moby Richard”? Take a moment… you got it!

“Moby Dick.” By Herman Melville. 


So below are 25 titles. Write the correct title next to it, the author and check it if you’ve read it.  Good luck and have fun!


1.    Brave New Squirrel

2.    A Tale of Two Kitties

3.    The Old Pan and the Pea

4.    For Whom the Highway Tolls

5.    The Great Catsby

6.    The Emperor’s New Nose

7.    Doctor Chicago

8.    Planet of the Grapes

9.    Boar and Peas.

10.Breakfast Epiphanies

11.20,000 Channels on TV

12.Henry Snotter

13.The Snatcher of the Pie

14.Olive or Twist

15.The Cranberry Tale

16.The Phantom of the Opposum

17.The Adventures of Strawberry Finn

18.Jane Gas

19.The Woman in Pink

20.The Legend of Marshmallow

21.Gong with the Wind

22.The Bark of the Wild

23.The Scarlett Sweater

24.The Importance of Being Regular

25.The Man in the Iron Free Shirt


(Answers tomorrow.)

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